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Justin Timberlake Reveals He Weighs in on Jessica Biel’s Footwear Purchases: ‘I Love Women’s Shoes’

Justin Timberlake has an impressive résumé. He’s a singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, multiple Grammy and Emmy winner and — professional shoe shopper?

In a new interview in this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday, Timberlake reveals that he’s typically the curator of his wife Jessica Biel’s shoe selection.

“A lot of times I’ll push her to try something, like, ‘You should own a pair of Jordans, just because'”, Timberlake, 37, tells PEOPLE. “I do a lot of her shoe shopping; I love women’s shoes”.

When it comes to red carpet style, he knows all eyes are on Biel (as they were at the Emmys, below, where she was nominated for her performance in The Sinner) and he does whatever he can to be a good-looking date.

“I make sure that I coordinate with my wife, for sure”, he says when asked if he and Biel ever match their outfits on the red carpet. “It’s like what they say about partner dancing: frame her. Be there to be the frame!”

But his style advice isn’t just reserved for Biel. He says he’s already building up an impressive collection of pieces to give to their 3-year-old son, Silas, one day. “He’s built just like me, so there are two things — my Jordans and my Levi’s–that I’ll probably pass down to him”, Timberlake says.

And now those hand-me-down Levi’s will be extra-special to his son, because they’ve got Timberlake’s designs all over them — literally. The musician just launched his Fresh Leaves line for Levi’s, a 20-piece men’s collection which features jackets, shirts, jeans and beanies that are inspired by some of Levi’s most iconic pieces and Timberlake’s love of music.

The name “Fresh Leaves” comes from Timberlake’s desire to reimagine the brand’s vintage styles and turn them into new staples for the next generation to wear forever.

“I love fashion so I always try to do like a little bit of a swerve on whatever [outfit] I’m [wearing], but style is not meant to be taken too literally; I try not to overthink it”, he explains about his own fashion sense.

One place that he does take his style very seriously: onstage. He says his music and his performance style have always been informed by one another: “When I start to create a sound, it has to have its own [aesthetic] that I could look back at as iconic. The [2013 album] The 20/20 Experience was inspired by an era and idols of mine, but Man of the Woods was inspired by where I come from”.

“Levi’s has always been a staple in my life so there’s something incredibly authentic about it for me”, he adds. “During the last tour, I wouldn’t come off stage and wear suits, that was meant to be [a vibe] on stage. But I think off stage you’d probably catch me in some Levi’s”.


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