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“That’s always my rule”: Justin Timberlake reveals the secret to his five year marriage to Jessica Biel

This year they celebrated five years of marriage together. And Justin Timberlake credits a little known piece of marriage advice as one of the reasons he has remained so happily in love with Hollywood actress Jessica Biel.

“I haven’t dated in awhile. I’m a little out of date with dating”, the 36-year-old told The Project during an interview for newly released film Wonder Wheel.

“That’s always my rule, even when you get married you have to keep dating. It’s just the difference comes when you have kids you have to actually schedule the date. So when you say you’re going out at 6.30pm, you need to go out at 6.30pm”.

The Suit & Tie singer married his lady love in 2012, with the bride choosing a nontraditional pale pink wedding gown to walk down the aisle in.

The picturesque nuptials in the Italian countryside were followed by a son, Silas, who celebrated his second birthday this year.

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