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Justin Timberlake’s ‘Palmer’ Boosts Apple TV+ to Most-Watched Weekend

The debut of “Palmer” starring Justin Timberlake on Apple TV+ over the weekend helped drive the service’s biggest weekend yet in terms of viewership, Apple says. Apple TV+ viewership rose by more than 33% in the weekend “Palmer” debuted on the streamer, and Apple also saw big engagement with the second seasons of the shows “Servant” and “Dickinson”, as well as some international attention for “Losing Alice”. “Palmer” was available in over 100 countries at…

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Justin Timberlake Put in Work at the Gym to Gain 15 Lbs. for His New Movie: ‘He’s a Beast’

Justin Timberlake is in “beast” mode at the gym! The musician and actor, 39, increased the intensity of his workouts last year to add muscle for his latest role as a former football player and ex-con in the new Apple+ movie Palmer. Timberlake’s goal was to add 15 lbs. of bulk through serious weightlifting, which he did with the help of celebrity trainer Ben Bruno. On Thursday, ahead of the movie’s release, Bruno shared a video of…

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Watch Justin Timberlake Get a Massive Temporary Tattoo for New Movie ‘Palmer’

Justin Timberlake is all tatted up! The 39-year-old singer shared behind-the-scenes footage of him getting a fake tattoo for his latest movie, Palmer. In the clip, posted on Instagram on Wednesday, Timberlake is seen getting a massive tiger on his right bicep. “Getting a fake tattoo takes longer than you’d think. BTS #PALMER – coming out this Friday 🙌🏻” Timberlake captioned the post, which also includes a full glance at the fake ink. Premiering Jan. 29 on Apple TV+, Palmer follows…

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‘Palmer’ Review: Justin Timberlake Shows Off Impressive Acting Skills As Ex-Con Who Returns To Southern Hometown

Justin Timberlake’s success as an entertainer and music superstar sometimes makes us forget he has shown considerable promise as an increasingly natural screen actor. In films from Alpha Dog to The Social Network and work with directors including Woody Allen and the Coen brothers, and even charming voice-over work in animated hits like the Trolls movies, he has continued to up his game outside of the arenas and recording studios. And his latest, a leading…

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Palmer director on the ‘fireworks’ between Justin Timberlake and his young costar

Eddie Palmer is ready for a new start. Fresh out of prison, the former high-school football star will have to do so while living with his grandma in small-town Louisiana. It’s not the worst of circumstances, except that she’s also watching over the 7-year-old boy who lives in a small trailer on her property with his mom. His drug addict mom, who just skipped out of town on her latest bender. Given that description of Palmer,…

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Justin Timberlake’s Young ‘Palmer’ Co-Star ‘Had No Idea’ Who He Was

Palmer’s Ryder Allen recalled on the TODAY Show Wednesday (Jan. 13) that he didn’t know who his co-star Justin Timberlake was before filming together. The pair appear on an upcoming drama film, set to be released on Jan. 29 on AppleTV+, about an incarcerated former college football star Eddie Palmer (Timberlake) who returns to his hometown and forms an unlikely friendship with a young boy named Sam (Allen). Allen, who is 8, mused about forming a real-life bond with his…

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See Justin Timberlake’s return to acting in emotional ‘Palmer’ trailer

Justin Timberlake is back on the big screen. (Well, maybe your living room big screen.) TODAY debuted a trailer for his new Apple TV+ movie “Palmer” on Thursday, which marks his first on-screen appearance since the 2017 Woody Allen movie “Wonder Wheel”. The pop star, who also lent his voice to the animated hit “Trolls World Tour” earlier this year, plays a former college football star named Eddie Palmer who is trying to get his life together…

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Apple Expands Slate With Justin Timberlake-Fisher Stevens Feature ‘Palmer’

Apple has landed the SK Global feature drama Palmer starring Justin Timberlake and directed by Fisher Stevens. The movie, written and executive produced by Cheryl Guerriero, whose script appeared on the 2016 Blacklist, follows a former college football phenomenon named Eddie Palmer (Timberlake) who, after a stint in prison, returns to his hometown to get his life back on track. There, he faces not only lingering conflicts from his past but also a much more surprising challenge as he finds himself suddenly in…

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Justin Timberlake is spotted in character as he continues filming new movie Palmer in New Orleans

He kicked off the first day of filming his new movie Palmer on Wednesday. And Justin Timberlake was back on the set in New Orleans, Louisiana, playing ex con Eddie Palmer on Friday. This time, stylists had swapped out the 38-year-old actor-singer’s blue work shirt and pants for a black T-shirt that he wore under a blue zipped jacket and jeans. And he looked grim and threatening with his cropped short hair, beard and mustache…

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Fisher Stevens Explains Justin Timberlake’s Role In Upcoming Movie ‘Palmer’

The new Fisher Stevens film, Palmer, will star Justin Timberlake as the title character Eddie Palmer, production company SK Global announced last week. It begins shooting in the fall. The singer/actor has appeared in some 20 films, including The Social Network, Friends With Benefits, Inside Llewyn Davis, Alpha Dog and Trouble With the Curve, and recently voiced Branch in the Trolls sequel Trolls World Tour. In talking about the film to Billboard, director Stevens refers to Timberlake’s character and “his relationship with an eight-year-old boy in…

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