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Justin Timberlake says the internet will never let him forget his iconic ’90s looks

Like many singers who got their start in the ’90s, Justin Timberlake has more than a few unforgettable fashion memories he’d like to forget. But if the internet has its say, those iconic looks will live on for years to come. The singer, who turned 40 over the weekend, recently took part in the Hollywood Reporter’s annual songwriter roundtable with John Legend, Mary J. Blige, Janelle Monáe and Leslie Odom Jr. During the hour6long chat,…

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GQ: Why 1999 was Justin Timberlake’s most iconic year in fashion

As a singer, actor and music producer, Justin Timberlake is a true triple threat. A quadruple threat if you count dancing too, especially when looking back on his teenage heyday as a member of boyband *Nsync. While fashion may have moved away a bit from all their metallic suits and snapbacks, it’s impossible to deny the importance of their period — the 1990s — for clothing. Why? Because the decade was iconic. Timberlake was a vanguard of all its extravagant motifs:…

Levi’s and Justin Timberlake Show Support for Young Musicians

Levi’s and Justin Timberlake teamed on a project that brings together their love of music and community. As part of the Levi’s Music Project, the denim brand partnered with Timberlake to enhance Stax Music Academy, a South Memphis, Tenn.-based music institute that trains young artists on music theory, composition, business and leadership. Through the collaboration, Levi’s and Timberlake established “The Song Lab”, a remodeled facility complete with all of the equipment needed to create and…

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Justin Timberlake Hosts Intimate Dinner Party With Levi’s

“It’s a midtier city in America and very easy to feel like nobody hears us or nobody sees us and things don’t get to us”, said Justin Timberlake of his hometown, Memphis. On Tuesday night, the music star was in the backyard of Levi’s Haus, Levi Strauss & Co’.s Los Angeles showroom, an unassuming house above Sunset Boulevard. “You see things on television or hear about things, and you’re like, ‘Yeah, we could never have something like that'”, he…

Justin Timberlake on “Left-of-Center” Levi’s Capsule, Fashion Week Ambush, Halloween Plans

Timberlake took a break from recording new music to celebrate his Levi’s x Justin Timberlake fall collection and Levi’s Music Project partnership while gearing up for his role in the film ‘Palmer’. While he has been busy with a multitude of projects, actor-musician Justin Timberlake stepped out on Tuesday night at Levi’s Haus in the Hollywood Hills to celebrate his latest partnerships with the heritage California denim brand. Among the guests at the intimate dinner…

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Justin Timberlake is the Latest Star to Embrace the Man Purse

Nicolas Ghesquière’s designs are ahead of the curve, and his celebrity acolytes have to work to keep up with the forward-thinking designer. At Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2020 runway show today in Paris, Ghesquière muses like Jennifer Connelly and Samara Weaving put his vision for the future on display as they walked into the Louvre. Still, the ladies weren’t the only ones having fun with cutting-edge fashion. When Justin Timberlake arrived arm-in-arm his with wife Jessica Biel, he…

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A Prankster Grabbed Justin Timberlake at Paris Fashion Week

Pranks seem to be the trend du jour at Paris Fashion Week. Just a few hours after Gigi Hadid saved the runway at Chanel’s Spring 2020 show at the Grand Palais, Justin Timberlake was grabbed by a fan as he and his wife, Jessica Beil, made their way into the Louis Vuitton show at the Louvre. While the impromptu Chanel incident was more sly, People reports that Timberlake was actually on the wrong end of a prank from former Ukrainian television…

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Thanks To Justin Timberlake, You’ll Never Struggle With Smart-Casual Again

Smart-casual: a dress code that, for all intents and purposes, makes little sense. How casual is casual? And indeed, how smart is smart? What’s the midpoint? What do you wear? But, alas, thanks to Justin Timberlake, you’ve an easy way to break the trickiest dress code in the book. At the 2019 Songwriters Hall Of Fame in New York, the boybander-turned-music-artist-proper easily nailed smart-casual. And, better yet, Timberlake did so with all the ease and…

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Justin Timberlake Gives Levi’s a Memphis Spin in His Latest Collaboration

If there’s one unarguable truth about Levi’s, it’s that it is the brand of the people. From toddlers to retirees, factory workers to graphic designers who dress like factory workers—not to mention college students, billionaires, and pop stars—Levi’s crosses just about every social, political, economic, gender, and generational boundary imaginable. A shared trait, it turns out, with Justin Timberlake. Standing in the crowd at his recent Man of the Woods tour stop in Memphis, we couldn’t help…

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Justin Timberlake Celebrates His Memphis Roots With His Spring 2019 Levi’s Collection

Justin Timberlake‘s latest collection for Levi’s is all about celebrating his Memphis roots and it is good. Growing up in the home of music legends like Elvis Presley and Otis Redding, the city has always inspired the 38-year-old’s singing, songwriting and even style. “Fashion has always been synonymous with music”, he told Esquire. “I think one really influences the other”. So he decided to bring this same idea to his latest collaboration with Levi’s. “Memphis and music…

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