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Maluma Dreams Of Justin Timberlake Collaboration

It’s Maluma, baby and he’s ready to make his Super Bowl debut on Sunday, February 3rd during a commercial for Michelob ULTRA.

The Colombian-born singer says the ad gives fans a look at what his life is like when he’s just being Juan Luis. Kicking back with friends, beer-in-hand is his idea of a good time. Even if he can’t enjoy many moments like that anymore, you know, since becoming an international superstar.

Since the halftime show consists of multiple performers, Maluma has the name of the person he’d like to collaborate the most with at the ready. He’s already worked with huge stars in the Latino Market including Marc Anthony, Prince Royce, and Reik. So he’s got his eyes set on three-time Super Bowl performer Justin Timberlake.

“I’m a huge fan of Justin Timberlake and I would love to share a stage with him one day”, he said. “It would show the world that both the American and Latino markets that we are equal, we are one. How amazing would that be? Justin has served as an example to me musically, he’s the kind of artist I aspire to be like.

Obviously, collaborating with him on a song would also be amazing. But don’t sleep on me, I have a lot of surprise collaborations from both markets coming soon. There’s one specifically in the works that I’m hoping happens because it’s completely unreal to me that it’s even a possibility. Stay tuned”.


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