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Jimmy Fallon On His Friendship With Justin Timberlake, “SNL,” And Five Years On “The Tonight Show”

It’s the five-year anniversary of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! In honor of the occasion, we sat down with the late night host to pick his brain about all the wonderful things that have gone down on his show in the past half decade. To celebrate the occasion, the Tonight Show invited different ambassadors of important social causes to appear each night this week through February 18th. But before that, he stopped by BuzzFeed to answer questions submitted by the BuzzFeed community.

Do you have code names for celebrity friends?

Jimmy Fallon: I don’t think so really, no. I know some people do on their phones. I think if anyone ever hacked into my phone they’d just see everyone’s name, so [Justin] Timberlake: watch out.

You’re stranded on a deserted island with 4 of your past guests. Who would you want besides you?

Jimmy Fallon: Who would I want? There are so many good guests that have been on the show! Justin Timberlake cause he’s funny and he can sing. Ariana Grande. Demi Lovato’s fun. Michelle Obama. I mean, everyone’s invited! Everyone that wants to be on a deserted island with me… I mean wow. I’m the answer to someone’s “who would you NOT want on a deserted island”. I’m on that list.

How did your friendship with Justin Timberlake start?

Jimmy Fallon: I met him on Saturday Night Live, he was in *NSYNC, and then I hosted the VMA’s and he was going solo for the first time. We were both nervous and we both did well that night.

What is the craziest thing the two of you have done together?

Jimmy Fallon: We broke into a house. We thought it was an open house. We wanted to look at it and turns out there’s no one there and then one of the doors was open so we just figured, “let’s go look in and look at it anyway”. So we kinda just broke into a house. If this person ever knew that we crashed their house…


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