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Justin Timberlake Is Celebrating ‘Valentine’s All Day, Every Day Since’ He ‘Found’ Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake is celebrating his forever valentine.

The 38-year-old musician paid tribute to wife Jessica Biel on Instagram, Thursday, in honor of the Valentine’s Day holiday, posting a snap of the couple dressed in warm-weather attire and sharing a sweet embrace.

Biel, 36, is glowing as she tilts her head back and smiles, eyes closed, while Timberlake wraps his arm around his wife of over six years from the back and gives her a sweet smooch on the cheek.

“Valentine’s ALL DAY, EVERY DAY since I found you. ❤️”, he captioned the photograph.

Biel soon followed with her own post, featuring herself kissing Timberlake. “I cherish those cheeks and everything else about you, baby”, she captioned the image. “Everything…? 😬” Timberlake jokingly replied.

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