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Jessica Biel reveals her epic Halloween costume was a real vintage jumpsuit owned by Justin Timberlake

Jessica Biel gave pop-culture junkies a good laugh on Halloween when she dressed up as her own husband, Justin Timberlake, circa his ’90s NSYNC heyday — complete with a curly wig and metallic jumpsuit.

The actress admitted that the initial idea to dress up as Timberlake actually came straight from her hubby himself. “This was all his idea”, she told James Corden on the Late Late Show on Monday night, explaining that she had been working in New York and Timberlake — who chose a microphone costume for himself — had gone ahead and given her the direction for their dual look.

However, she had an unexpected little twist for him.

“I surprised Justin because I remembered that we had that exact jumpsuit that he wore in storage”, Biel revealed. “I pulled it out, and it was the real one!”

Biel had one small gripe about her brilliant impersonation: The fact that the wig she wore didn’t quite measure up to Timberlake’s famous luxe curls. “I’m probably not going to cut and perm [my hair], so it’s not going to look as good”, she said.

At least, by the sound of it, her getup was a bit more comfortable than Timberlake’s. “It was the hugest costume”, she noted of his microphone. “It was so funny. He could barely move all night”.


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