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Justin Timberlake teases music comeback on The Graham Norton show

JUSTIN Timberlake is set to make a music comeback. The singer, 39, teased at potential new music during an appearance on The Graham Norton show.

In the chat, which is set to air tonight, Justin revealed he’s been busy in the recording studio. He said: “I have so much. I’m always in the studio so maybe soon”.

The actor appeared on the BBC show alongside Trolls World Tour co-star Anna Kendrick. Justin created and produced the soundtrack for the highly anticipated sequel.

Speaking about the film’s soundtrack, he said: “You’re given parameters to be creative within. It was my mission to create music that is for everyone, not just the kids”. Anna joked: “He was a monster to work with on the music. He’d be behind the glass saying, ‘Do it again, but better'”.

However, she later added: “I really had fun and I knew I was in good hands. He’s my parachute”. Justin has taken a break from the music world to focus on his acting career.

The Sun

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