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  • Album: Timeless
  • Artist: Sergio Mendes
  • Featuring: Justin Timberlake, Pharoahe Monch & Will.I.Am
  • Single release date: 13 de febrero, 2006
  • Views: 1519
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Pharoahe Monch:
Dear Mom,
Alana's in her second trimester
Stressed out
'Cause I'm gone, she acting all extra
We're happy cause she knows it's a girl
But we doubtful if we should bring another one in the world
An' the pic you sent with you and the kids is da bomb;
I'm keepin all my photos in my 23rd Psalm
My best friend Armani lost her arm at the border
Just tryin to restore a little peace and order, an'
It's strange cause she reads the koran
Torn between what side she needs to be on
Haven't slept for days
I squeeze Visine
Cause no man's eyes should see what I've seen
Soldiers lost their mind
Robbin, pillagin
Tomahawk missiles into civilian villages
And they ease the pain with narcotics
I'm scared but I'm tryin to remain patriotic

Justin Timberlake:
My father
Forgive us cause we know not what we doin
And my brothers
How we gonna tie up all these loose ends?
And my mother
Tryin to use ev'rything you taught me to keep it movin'
And my brothers & sisters
How we gonna tie up all these loose ends?

Pharoahe Monch:
New message from mom, at
Home they 'Nam
So sad you had to miss Shavonne's prom
Just some songs off the Marvin Gaye Whats going on album
And her smile lit up the room
She asks me
If at night when she stares at the moon
Is it possible at the same moment of time
You're starin' as well? 'cause you two were in tune
Your dad's Purple Heart now hangs over his ashes,
An' Trini's alive and wake up with hot flashes
They say the disease's gastric --
Have yet to explain the migraines and rashes
And have you seen what the price of gas is?
We can't afford the property taxes
We just want you back at home
Where you belong with your family
You're the backbone

Justin Timberlake:
My father
Forgive us 'cause we know not what we doin'
And my brothers
How we gonn tie up all these loose ends?
And my mother
Tryin to use ev'rything you taught me to keep it movin'
And my brothers & sisters
How we gonna tie up all these loose ends?

Tell me how can we live this way
We've gone so far astray
No one knows what to say
We got young peoples lives at stake
What is it gonna take
For us to find a way?

The world is changin
We in danger
'cause We ain't changin
Our behaviour
We behave like
Calm is nothing
Aint concerned with
Aint that somethin
Check 'em out now
Pointin fingers
When they know how
We got to this point of terror
Precaution could have
Made the road clearer
But we stuck with
Mediocre leadership
So we'll just suffer
Who knows what the
Hell is going on
With conflicts they keep on growing
It's a fucked up situation
When you ain't got no education
On the problem
Or know what its about
You gotta help me out

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