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  • Dirección: Marty Callner
  • Edición: Chad Callner, Jim Kelly, Michael Schultz
  • Estudio: Cream Cheese Films
  • Distribución: Jive Records, Zomba Group of Companies
  • Recording (time): 15 de agosto, 2007 - 15 de agosto, 2007
  • Recording (location): Madison Square Garden, New York City, EE.UU.
  • Number of discs: 2
  • Length: 205
  • Production: Justin Timberlake, Marty Callner, Randall Gladstein, Louis Muckle, Sonia Muckle, Johnny Wright
  • Composition: Tim Mosley, Nate Hills, Clifford Joseph Harris, Jordan Houston, Paul Beauregard, Will Adams, J. C. Davis, Matt Morris, Chad Hugo, Pharrell Williams, Scott Storch, Wade Robson
  • Track listing:
    1. Opening Conversation
    2. Futuresex/Lovesound
    3. Like I Love You
    4. My Love
    5. Señorita
    6. Sexy Ladies
    7. Until The End Of Time
    8. What Goes Around... Comes Around
    9. Chop Me Up
    10. Intermission - Justin Timberlake & Timberland
    11. Rock Your Body
    12. Gone (Medley)
    13. Take It Frome Here (Medley)
    14. Last Night (Medley)
    15. Damn Girl
    16. Summer Love
    17. Losing My Way
    18. Cry Me A River
    19. LoveStoned
    20. SexyBack
    21. (Another Song) All Over Again
    22. Goodnights & Credits
    1. The making of FutureSex/LoveShow
    2. Open Mic
    3. 1 on 1 with Justin Timberlake
    4. Under the stage
    5. LoveStoned - Justice Remix
    6. DVD credits
Artwork of FutureSex/LoveShow: Live From Madison Square Garden

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