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Justin Timberlake Answers Kids’ Questions — and Reveals His Favorite Childhood Toy!

Justin Timberlake revealed some surprising fun facts about himself when answering questions from his youngest fans.

The Trolls World Tour star, 39, answered video questions from kids while staying safe at home with his son Silas, 5, and wife Jessica Biel, 38.

When Axel, 7, asked the star what his favorite toy was, Timberlake revealed it was a Cabbage Patch Kid. “I carried that doll with me everywhere”, he says.

Trolls World Tour, the sequel to the hit 2016 animated musical, marks the first major Hollywood movie to be released straight to streaming since the coronavirus crisis began and will be available on demand starting April 10.

In the film, Timberlake reprises his role as Branch opposite Anna Kendrick who plays the always cheerful Poppy.

When asked by Dahlia, 10, what makes Timberlake as happy as Poppy he began listing his favorite foods. “Ice cream, I think we can all agree on that. Pizza, pancakes… I’m basically just naming everything that I’ve been eating since we’ve all been staying in our homes”, he said before talking about the true love of his life. “And my son. When he is happy, I am happy”.

In the film, Poppy and Branch go on an adventure where they travel to different Troll lands that each represents a different form of music — including pop (where Poppy and Branch are from), as well as rock, country, techno, classical and funk. The two make new friends along the way, which also means new cast members!

Mary J. Blige and George Clinton take on the roles of the Queen and King of Funk while Rachel Bloom brings the Queen of Rock, Barb, to life with her electric guitar and Kelly Clarkson’s character Delta Dawn represents the land of country. Timberlake says one of his son’s favorite characters is Tiny Diamond voiced by Kenan Thompson.

Trolls World Tour is available on-demand April 10.


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